What We Do

We specialize in the supply, installation, commissioning of telecommunication systems as well as supply of trained manpower to telecommunications industry in Kenya. All our installation staff have gone through training and retraining for old and new technologies and are fully insured incase of any on-job risks that may occur. With the use of up to date and scalable GPS database, and mapping software, we have effectively mastered the survey and installations field. These include precise and
detailed assessment reports for each assigned site, elevation, distances from Base Station and unmatched advice for difficult sites.

1. IT Consultancy:
Auditing your current technology is the logical first step in ensuring the capability to deliver the business solutions you require both immediately and in the future. The audit provides a detailed report on your current infrastructure covering cabling, workstations, network cards, servers, hubs
and all internet-working devices. From this information, our consultants are able to pinpoint potential or actual bottlenecks that may impact on your network’s operation and its suitability to satisfy your business objectives. Where change is essential we can design, supply, install and support the necessary solutions.


2. Maintenance:
Alphabest Computers & I.C.T. Solutions offers a complete, ongoing support service including new software releases and the latest bug fixes. All our staff support Microsoft products and have been trained to at least minimum Microsoft Certified Professional (M.C.P.) status.
Maintenance Service Agreements are fixed price contracts and include the following support services:
> Hardware/Software Maintenance
> Network / Internet / Intranet / Extranet / LAN / WAN Support
> Guaranteed response times
> Restoration/reinstallation of network operating systems, major applications
> Routine maintenance tasks
> Server file optimizations
> Management/administration


All support staff are contacted using “on person” mobile communications. As well as facilitating office to engineer communication, Alphabest Computers & ICT Solutions can also provide immediate support by allowing customer access to the help-desk or an engineer, so that many problems can be solved without the need for an on-site visit, therefore saving you time and money.


Alphabest Computers & ICT Solutions offers a full support service for Messaging and GroupWare installation. On completion, you will receive full documentation (for example, on Microsoft Exchange administration). If required, we will also provide software releases and the latest bug fixes.
3. Infrastructure Design
Configuration and Integration Services

As specialists in systems integration, our expert consultants ensure you enjoy reliable network solutions that are optimised to meet your requirements. To ensure minimal impact on end users, these can be seamlessly executed to meet your specific work schedules, allowing a smooth transition to new technology.
4. Installation
The enterprise networking market is highly complex. Alphabest Computers & ICT Solutions Network Infrastructure Team can help you determine which technology is flexible enough to allow your network to keep pace with your business requirements – whether this involves supporting, upgrading or re-engineering your current capabilities, or the design and implementation of a customized solution.


Network Services
A reliable infrastructure is key to efficient and productive sharing of information within your organization, whether you need to link to multiple sites, or terminals at a single location.

Alphabest Computers & ICT Solutions provides a comprehensive package for your business needs. These include a complete video network which can be used as an efficient and effective means to remotely monitor and secure premises, supervise manufacturing progression and people. CCTV technology can act as a deterrent and if nuisances do occur can provide instant information and furthermore evidence, if prosecution is needed. A total video network is a valuable asset to a business, providing peace of mind to protect sites and can be used in conjunction with alarms, video motion detectors and even broadcast live over the web.


5. Sourcing hardware and software
Product Supply
Alphabest Computers & ICT Solutions is ideally placed to help your business benefit from new technologies. As a vendor-independent provider, we offer efficient fulfillment services for all aspects of Internet/Intranet services including connection to an Internet Service Provider, design of IP
address infrastructure, network security, router security and virus protection. Our relationship with key Internet Service Providers ensures we can identify the most suitable solutions for your specific requirements. Our close association with key vendors ensures our consultants are fully aware of new products and technologies and able to advise accordingly. With direct links to manufacturers and wholesalers around the world, we can also offer outstanding value and speedy fulfillment on an exceptional selection of enterprise products. Core technology suppliers include IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Lotus, Intel and 3-Com.